What Record Clamp for LP12?

I was told by the dealer not to use a heavy record clamp so I am looking for a Clamping Pressure lightweight clamp.
Any suggestions??
I would like to say that all tables don`t sound better with
clamp.All clamp do not sound great,some make the music
sound bad.(IMO)
None... The bearing and suspension were not designed to include it. I've been an LP12 owner since 1982. LOL

Happy (unconstrained) Listening!
I also have the Goldmund acrylic platter. I've been through a number of clamps and damage to the suspension has always bee a concern for me. I finally settled on the little Clearaudio clamp. It's only about $20 and is quite flat, so fits under the dust cover. It stays put via friction and works well. I would say it's not a night and day difference, but for me, no clamp on the LP12 ever has been. Still, I find it increases the articulation and immediacy enough to be well worth the low price.
The LP12 wasn't designed to be used with a clamp.

However, if you're feeling adventurous, J.A. Michell make a clamp that sits very lightly on the table because it tightens with a collet. Some people use this with their LP12 and get what they consider to be good results.
J.A. Michell clamp was the lightest I identified. One problem is that you will likely need to stop your table each time you change LP sides--unless you don't mind adding ALOT of rotational torgue at each record flip. I finally decided not to buy/use a clamp. LP12 was not aurally designed for one, can damage bearings and suspension. For me, it was a momentary (month-long) obsession. If you decide to try it, I hope you'll report your results. Good luck!