What Record Clamp for LP12?

I was told by the dealer not to use a heavy record clamp so I am looking for a Clamping Pressure lightweight clamp.
Any suggestions??
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Michell engineering (makers of the Gyro, Orbe, and tecnodec) make a clamp that might work.

I think clearaudio also makes one.

I'm not certain it will improve things. What are you trying to change ?
Is the SOTA Reflex clamp considered too heavy?
I really won't use it all the time but some old favorite vinyl has some warpage I would like to flatten while playing.
I like the JA Michell clamp.
It's very light, low profile, and works great. I tried the Sota clamp and aside from it being too tall to fit under my dust cover, it's pretty good.

I have never heard a table sound better with no clamp and it makes no sense to me that tables are used without a clamp of any kind.
I don't see a viable solution to your idea.

I would not recommend using a clamp such as the Michell. You have to physically push down on the clamp very hard, and then lock it into place. Doing that on an LP12 you risk bending something. On the Gyro, there are felt pads and the plinth is designed to bottom out on these pads so you don't bend anything or put the springs out of whack.

Only clamp that comes into mind that may work would be one of the old monster cable clamps. This clamp is clasp activated, so it forces itself down onto the record when you release the spring tention. It is a bit heavy however.

The best clamp would be a VPI HW19 clamp, but of course you'd have to get your spindle machined to accept a nut.
"I have never heard a table sound better with no clamp and it makes no sense to me that tables are used without a clamp of any kind."

Of course there are designs that should not use a clamp. Those that use a felt mat (Linn, Rega) to decouple the record should be unclamped.
On the SOTA table wich are spring suspended you hold your hand under the table while pushing down on clamp before locking it, can you do something likr that with the LP12 I suppose some dont do what I do but I think it is a good idea.
My Linn LP12 is fitted with a Goldmund relief clamp, in addition to the relief mat made of acrylic which replaces the felt one. It's my cheap man's goldmund ref table. This systems works exceptionally well. I just don't know what the availability of this item is in today's market.
I would not use a clamp with the lp-12. As mentioned you can stress the bearing and damage it. The table was not designed to be used with a clamp. If you are looking for a cheap upgrade I would get the Extreme phono donut mat. Definitely more sense of drive and immediacy without affecting the tonal balance. Also, consider taking off the bottom board and using 3M poly feet (can get at Target) to stick in the corners. When removing the bottom board I noticed a greated sense of depth.
I would like to say that all tables don`t sound better with
clamp.All clamp do not sound great,some make the music
sound bad.(IMO)
None... The bearing and suspension were not designed to include it. I've been an LP12 owner since 1982. LOL

Happy (unconstrained) Listening!
I also have the Goldmund acrylic platter. I've been through a number of clamps and damage to the suspension has always bee a concern for me. I finally settled on the little Clearaudio clamp. It's only about $20 and is quite flat, so fits under the dust cover. It stays put via friction and works well. I would say it's not a night and day difference, but for me, no clamp on the LP12 ever has been. Still, I find it increases the articulation and immediacy enough to be well worth the low price.
The LP12 wasn't designed to be used with a clamp.

However, if you're feeling adventurous, J.A. Michell make a clamp that sits very lightly on the table because it tightens with a collet. Some people use this with their LP12 and get what they consider to be good results.
J.A. Michell clamp was the lightest I identified. One problem is that you will likely need to stop your table each time you change LP sides--unless you don't mind adding ALOT of rotational torgue at each record flip. I finally decided not to buy/use a clamp. LP12 was not aurally designed for one, can damage bearings and suspension. For me, it was a momentary (month-long) obsession. If you decide to try it, I hope you'll report your results. Good luck!
At the advice from all who seem to have an LP12 I have decided to forgo any clamp. Thanks for all the input.