What racks/amp stands do you own or have owned?





Sound Anchor Bi-Level

Bright Star:
Airmass 3

Seismic Rack(original)

Grand Prix Audio:



Billy Bags:
Custom Five Shelf(still own).
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I use Salamander Synergy for my audio equipment. Sound Anchors though is IMO the BEST. The owner is a real pleasure to work with. The prices are reasonable and the build quality is first rate.
pARTicular Novus full suspension. Prior a Barzalay. The Novus has great isolation. Besides it looks great.
Zoethecus, especially the large amp stands are fine work
None ever.

The well built ones are generally too expensive because they are marketed to audiophiles.

I use other types of solidly built furniture that targets the average consumer rather than audiophiles, like the big honkin' solid oak table that all my stuff has sat on now for 25 years.

It sounds the same (equally quiet) as any audio grade rack/stand out there. Plus it is way heavier and more solid than most.

A good way to pick up good furniture to set equipment on cheap is to stop by a local department store going out of business and liquidating their display racks and other store fixtures..there is often good heavy solid shelving units and such available for very low cost.

Or stop buy your local second hand furniture store from time to time.
The Audiav Crystal audio rack complete with dual layer sanwiched granite shelves. 95kg total weight
im using a billy bags pro 33 rack and couldnt be happier
I'll second the AudiAV Crytal, though my rack is a bit bigger the Clipsal (mine weighed 500 pounds shipped!)

This will be the last rack I ever need as it is infinitely adjustable, strong as an ox and expandable. In fact I am looking to expand it now!
Star Sound. Made to transfer vibration out of the system quickly. Works just as described.