What quest have you embarked on?

Just wondering if any audiogoners discovered a speaker or system they just had to have and have since gotten there or partially there.
It would be interesting to hear those seeking out vintage stuff or even the exotic ones that are pricey.
Did you feel it got you where you wanted to be?
Yes to all accounts! Please check my system page. From Martin Logans, to Magnepan, to Orion Plus, to Altecs.

I only need less than a watt at the speaker input for my normal listening levels during the day, less during the night.

I kept the Orion Plus though because the speakers are truly special.


To answer your question, an amp quest and I'm done.

The room defines the speakers (small speakers in a large room or large speakers in a small room are not going to get the job done). So for my small room (15' x 11') I selected Reference 3A MM De Capo i speakers. Then I went on an amp quest to power them;

up first a solid state amp, Simaudio W-3 125 wpc
followed by a hybrid, Blue Circle BC6 25 wpc class A
followed by a tube push-pull, Melody 2A3 18 wpc mono blocks
and finally to a SET amp, Aria 2A3 5 wpc.

Aria, 2A3/vt-229(6SL7) SET, Italian designed - French made,

...and it sounds even better than it looks!
i have embarked on a quest to minimize the inaccuarcy of instrumental timbre, from the perspective of a rear hall location at a concert hall.

i believe this may be attained by attenuating the upper midrange lower treble, selecting suitable tube components, and employing a speaker such as the quad 57.
yep. I'm making astonishing strides at being OK with what I have, rather than being infatuated with what I believe I need.
I am currently gethering quite a pile of older (vintage) gear, everything from speakers (EPI, Infinity, University, Wharfedale, Bose 901) to receivers (Marantz, Sansui, Pioneer) to tuners (Sherwood) to old tube consoles (Zenith, Andrea, several more on the way) to antique radios (RCA, Zenith, Wards Airline, GE) to CD players (Sony, Onkyo). Most of these were obtained for free from folks who had no use for them anymore. The most I paid for any one item was $50. One by one they will be restored to their former glory - I will keep some, sell or give away the others. I haven't been this excited about a new hobby in, well, forever.
Not that any of this will take the place of my modern high-end gear, but sometimes a different perspective is needed, if only to remind me how good the new gear really is.
Yes. From the time I first heard a pair of Verity Audio, I knew that someday I had to own a pair. In 1997, soon after the birth of VA, I listened to the first iteration of the Fidelio at a Primus Audio Pleasure in KC, MO. I sat there for well over an hour and was falling in love more and more after each track. At this time, I had pair of B&W Matrix 805s and from there, the journey went something like this:

805s>SF Concertos ('94-'97)> Kef Reference 3 ('97-97)>SF Concertos (98- 99)> SF Signums (99-00)> SF Electa Amators (00-02)> SF Grand Pianos (02-03)> Reference 3As Di Cappos (03 -06) > Devore Fidelity Super 8s (06- 07) > Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations (06 - grave?)...

I spent a lot of time with Sonus Faber as there sound is similar to VA and I just liked them. If it were not for near perfect timing, I wound have had to of waited many more years for the Parsifal Ovations. When the VA POs became available to me, I had the Devore Super 8s. Looking back, and even at the time, I could have been happy for a long time with the Super 8s, as they "were that good"....yet, the VAs were the subject of dreams and the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow for me.

As I dreamed, I really thought best I could done was to have obtained a pair of the Fidelios, yet, the moons all aligned and the stars must have been in retrograde while the rings of Saturn reversed rotation, because someone looked favorable upon me and I as blessed with a situation were I was able to obtain the Parsifal Ovations.

The ride was fun and I would do all over again (except for maybe the Kefs) just as I did it. It was a fantastic learning experience.

Remember to enjoy the journey!!