What processor competes with best preamp?

Are there any processors that will match sonically the best preamps when playing a good CD? Has anyone done a comparison or blind A/B and not heard any difference( assuming all other parameters were matched)?
My question re:comparing processor vs.preamp is to help me decide whether to upgrade my current home theatre system with better electronics or to keep as is enjoying movies and CD's and start another stereo system to fully appreciate the current HDCD,SACD,etc.
I own a Primare P30 pre/pro to go with my 2-channel system. I've compared it side-by-side to the fairly highly rated Ayre k3-x pre-amp. The P30 was much more transparent and detailed than the k3-x. The k3-x was a bit more musical and sweet sounding but I believe the K3-X had much coloration that resulted in that sweet sound. For whatever it's worth, the K3 was rated Class A by Stereophile about a year ago. The K3-X is an upgraded and sonically superior version of the original K3 again according to Stereophile mag.

The P30 has a by-pass mode that provides 100% analog for 2-channel music. I've also compared the P30 in-home to the Conrad-Johnson PV-14 pre-amp and Electropaniet's pre-amp. There was no comparison. The P30 was clearly superior sonically.

Primare is a little-known Swedish company and the unit retails for about $4k. The P30 is among the cheaper components in my system (my 2-ch. amp retails for $7k, my speakers for $8,700, and my 2-ch. SACD/CD player for $5k) and I have been extremely satisfied with it's performance.

-John (IMO)
Thank you John for your descriptive follow-up.I'm sure this will help others who have had my same thoughts.I will now upgrade my system to have the best of both worlds.
Yes- Sim Audio Attraction
I'd suggest putting the Theta Casablanca with the Xtreme DACs on your short list to listen too.
I second the PRIMARE P30. Got one... love it. I'm all LINN activ except for the Primare. Bypass mode really does the trick. Not a lot of fancy stuff, just good clean sound. Check Simuko.com.
Stehno,I was curious.Why do you use a pre/pro with a 2-channel amp? My guess is so you can play DVD's but I was curious why you don't want center channel or surrounds.Thanks,Sherod
About 2 years ago, I was thinking about going down the home theater path. I stumbled across the Primare P30 and couldn't believe it's sonic qualities with my 2-channel system. I was never that impressed with home theater anyway and I was immensely impressed with my 2-channel. Yes I do have a Sony DVP s9000es for the occassional movie, but it's still 2-channel.

As for not wanting surrounds and and center ch? I've heard some expensive surround systems over $50k and was never impressed with their sound. Not to mention, that purchasing more speakers, cables, and amplifiers would not be cost-effective to me. Not to mention having my room filled with this eyesore.

Bottom line is that I am a firm believer that if you aquire the appropriate 2-channel system and set it up properly, it will sound absolutely wonderful with movies also. It may not give you the complete surround sound some dream of, but if the movies is that good and your 2-channel system is that good, you'll never miss the other channels anyway because your senses are probably already consumed.

IMO -John
Here Here!

Stereo Theater RULES!

Good thing my dvd player has Dolby Digital 2.1 and 3.1.

At time, I split the center pre-out from my dvd player into the left+right inputs on my TV and use it as center speaker.

But, full range stereo sounds just fine to my ears even in theater applications. It's all about speaker placement.
That makes sense to me.I feel much the same way.Thanks for the input.Sherod