What processor?

I am building a home theater using PMC OB1s in front and wafers in wall. Currently have a Jl Audio 113 sub and Parasound Halo 250 watt amps. I am still waiting for the next great big display 75" that is reasonably priced. Maybe 5 to 7k. Here's the question, need a great processor. It seems to me that the video processing is unneeded as an Oppo and a good display should be able to be calibrated to handle this. So, it seems that it's all about the sound, music and movies.Suggestions? Bryston, Classe or??? This is an item that should last a long time. Thanks
Pinto 72
The Classe' SSP-800 is my favorite at the price point. The Meridian 861v6 is awesome but a two box solution (and no 3D if that matters to you) and it is pretty expensive.
Give the Emotiva XMC-1 a good look. Comes with TacT room correction. Not released yet, but Emo claims a Q1 2013 release. And the price is waaayyyy below that of the usual suspects at $1499.