What process do you use to purchase cables?

I’m in the process of updating my gear and thinking about what to do for updated cables. Every time I think about it, my head spins as there are so many different cable options & companies. I struggle to even start the process.

I don’t care if it’s speaker cables, interconnects or power cords – Just explain what you typically do to nail down your purchase.

FYI – my past “process” was to simply purchase whatever I found to be the most affordable options recommended by folks on this board. For that reason, I’m currently using Canare 4S11 speaker cables, Mogami Gold interconnects, and Pangea power cords.

Since I’m planning to push my component updates to significantly higher quality gear, I don’t want to fall short on the cable side. If you have a process, let’s hear it! Thanks

So true, 45% off all the time...I’ve been helping Music Direct weed out their close outs in recent days. AQ
I usually measure the distance between the components I am hooking together and add a foot or so as I do not have a cabinet where I can take off the back to run the wires. (We made these when I had my shop--made changing components easy!)  I need a little extra length to move components in and out without scratching anything.

Then, I make sure they have gold-plated ends as they do not seem to corrode as much as others.

After that, I pick a fairly well-know manufacturer--Monster seems to have a fairly good line, but there are others.  As for speakers, I run 12/2, and boy has it gotten expensive!  BUT, since I only need a few feet--maybe 20 at the most, and since I use Maggies, I only run one pair of speakers on my main music system (as opposed to the A/V system for TV), so not so bad.

I know many believe that very expensive cables are "better" and I have no problems with that--as a dealer, I LOVED it!  The mark-up is wonderful.  For me, normal cables are just fine, but you buy whatever you think is best for you.

I have been running Audio Research and Magnepan gear since 1974, and I have never had an issue with any of these cable choices.

Lots of reading.

 Then usually order online n pay with a cc. 
 Will call company and see if they have a 30 or so day return policy or trial. 
If I have 3’ interconnects that make my system sound nice and warm….if I reorder a 9’ set of the same model does that mean my system will sound 3 times as warm?
Lol. You best get busy with them there controls Mister! Add 31 more bands if need be ;-)