What PrimaLuna tube amp / integrated or not will work best with B&W 804 standard speakers

I have searched and I am looking for some real world experience with the combination. 

I currently am running the 804's with a Silk MC100SE, which is an upgraded Yaqin MC100-B. It comes with psvane kt88 tubes and has upgraded solen capacitors and some upgrade in the power supply circuit. I also added a svs sb1000 sub, connected to the speaker terminals like PrimaLuna recommended on their site. I keep the amp in triode mode and that's 30 watts per channel.  It sounds very good to me with good imaging and plays loud enough.  I am just hoping for even better sound if possible. 

I am just looking for PrimaLuna recommendations for those speakers. I say that because I can get some great deals on them and have a small budget of about 2k.

Thank you for any advice!

Have you tried talking to Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio?

Thank you, i have not and did not want to go that route, since he is an owner/retailer of the PrimaLuna line and I want real experience from someone that has the same speakers as I do. I know its a longshot but I will see if anyone responds. Once I am ready to buy then I may talk with him.

Thanks again for the tip.

 I was thinking he usually is a straight shooter but understand why you would want to wait. Have you tried a Google search?
I have tried google search but just can't come up with anything. I did not try you tube though. As I was about to send this I tried google again and just used B&W and primaluna and did not specify 804, and I came up with a few seemingly decent hits. I will browse those hits. 
Thank you for helping me along, and hopefully I will get some answer or something I can work with. 
In the meantime if anyone has first hand experience please chime in

Can you be more specific about the model number of your speakers? Assuming they are not the Diamond or "D" series, then prior to those was 804S, then N804, and Matrix 804.

Sorry it's the 804 S series. 
I put standard series in the heading to try to avoid the confusion of
plural vs model number and then I used it as a plural in my question. 

Sorry for the confusion 
The B&W's aren't exactly tube friendly. Do a search, there's plenty of key strokes here on Audiogon.

After spending over 25 years working in the audio industry and having experience with many models of B&W, including the 804S, I am in agreement with the comments about power in this review.


As unsound said, "The B&W's aren't exactly tube friendly." The impedance of the 804S is rated at 8 ohms, however it dips to 3 ohms. A high current SS amp is a better match for this speaker. IMHO, looking at PrimaLuna just moves you sideways keeping the same amp/speaker mismatch. Also, it has been noted that PrimaLuna amps typically have a high output impedance, which is better suited for speakers with a reasonably flat impedance curve.

Thank you for the link and your experience. I like the sound of my tube amp with them, and know now that I can experience even more with the tube amp with the right speakers.  Looks like I get new speakers!

I am looking at the Tekton Enzo XL and hopefully that will be a good match and great sound!

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Thanks Bob,

Maybe I have never really heard Great sound! LOL.... I like what I am hearing because it was better with the tube amp than the dual mono Emotiva amps that I had with the XSP-1 gen two Preamp to my ears anyways. Sure wish I could hear the Tektons with my amp and decide from there. To be honest, all the info in the charts and reviews are WAY over my head. I have tried to understand them but its just not sinking in. I just go by the sensitivity of the speakers and "hope". I know its not a good way to go about things but to try to decipher all that info, just hurts......

Can you tell I am new at this? LOL

I suggest amps for speakers, not speakers for amps.