What preamp would work well with an Odyssey Strato

I need a low price preamp to match with the Stratos Plus, I have ordered a Khartago upgraded to match the sonics of a Stratos plus.

I am on a very tight budget and need to stay under $200 if possible. Digital music on CD is the format.

No speakers or wires yet. Have a Denon DCD 3520 that will probably be gone soon. I may be getting some ET speakers in the next 6 to 8 weeks.
Thanks for all the help in the past,
With a budget of $200 and a line source, I would suggest you opt for a volume cotrol rather than an active pre. People like goldpoints offer such products and you can contact them (or Odyssey) for the right ohm rating for yr amp.

I think the actice pre needs to be 70 ohms. Do passive preamps have a ohm rating?
Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Andy, passives DO have an ohm rating. A transformer volume control has a STEADY ohm rating in & of itself. Volume pots have a rating that may vary with frequency. Usually one checks impedance at a reference 1kHz frequency.

However, all that needs to happen is that:
*the source (i.e. yr Denon at moment) outputs enough energy to drive the "passive"; check its output impedance (the lower the better).
*the power amp's input impedance is high enough to be driven "passively" (to put it simply, 10k or more)

Armed with this info, give the passive's supplier a call.

Case in point:
my cdp has a 22-30 ohm output impedance across its frequency range (22 ohm reference).
My amps have 10kOhm & 33kOhm. BTW, one of my amps is a Symphonic Line Kraft -- S-Line being the design Odyssey uses for its amps. I use a 10k rated TRANNY volume control with excellent results.
Before that I used a 100k and 250k volume pot: the 250 sounded better: amazing, but there it is!
Thanks for cleering things up for me Greg, now I can begin to look for my preamp. Thanks