What preamp with McCormack DNA-125?

I upgraded my speakers then realized the preamp lent a bad sound artifact so upgraded that then realized the amp was now the weak link so upgraded that. Now I'm back to the preamp as the weak link. I have a McCormack DNA-125 amp. The Acurus RL-11 is a great preamp but I think it is not doing what it could with this amp. It doesn't sound as fast as it did with the Adcom amp.
What preamp are you running with your McCormack amp? Source is Rega Planet 2000 cd player and Speakers are Revel M-20's.
Go for the RLD-1. It's the best preamp McCormack makes and the best solid state preamp for the money. I've been very happy with it. It's fast, detailed, has great dynamics. Requires at least 60-100 hours of breakin to sound best. I'm running it with McCormack DNA-125, Philips SACD-1000 and Joseph Audio RM-25 Sig. speakers.
I like the RLD-1 too.

One of the most overlooked aspects of a preamp (and audio in general) is volume control. Properly setting the volume can be the difference in the music really speaking to you or annoying you. Many recordings have an optimal volume setting and your own mood at times can dictate a preferable volume setting.

It seems simple and obvious, but I guarantee that some of the differences one may hear in evaluating equipment is actually do to slight changes in volume control.

The RLD-1 has an excellent high-resolution volume control. It's digital display is addictive and allows you to make .5db adjustments per channel. It makes it so much easier to evaluate equipment when you know you are using the exact same volume setting. I can't see going back to the old dial. Noise wise, I don't notice a problem with this type of volume control either.
If the RLD-1 is out of your price range you should consider the McCormack TLC-1. They are quite easy to find used and about half the price of an RLD-1. It's a very highly regarded pre-amp that's a natural match for the McCormack amps.
I found the Audible Illusions Mod3, and especially the Mod3a, to be very synergistic with my old DNA1 Deluxe. This held true both pre and post Steve's revisons (to Rev A Gold). This is not meant as a shot, but almost anything will sound better than the Acurus pre-amp in your system.