What preamp to pair with a McIntosh 302? Advice needed.

I currently use an MA5200 integrated with pre outs. I will be getting an MC302 power amp but would like to know what the best VALUE option for pre amp may be. I also run a sub which means I use y-splitter cables.
I’m looking at maybe selling my 5200 and replacing with a Parasound P6, which offers more options (tone control, balanced sub woofer outputs, HT bypass outputs, etc) and easier on the pocketbook. Should I consider making that move and saving some coin or should I use the MA5200 as a preamp because it has a USB DAC that I use and will look amazing sitting on top of my 302 in the cabinet. I
I’m not interesting in a Mac preamp because I’m not spending that kind of money on another Mac product.
Thanks much in advance.
Probably very little response here because there are too many choices...I suggest you provide better budget communication and more description of sound you're going for.  With a 22K ohm input impedance you're unfortunately not going to use a tube preamp in many instances.  I'd go for a SS amp that gives you more pre choices but that's just my taste.  I'd want to pair a SS amp with a tube pre.
I use a McIntosh C2500 tube preamp with my MC302 amp driving Golden Ear Triton Reference Speakers. The sound is heavenly and extremely musical.