What preamp to buy for my Aragon Palladiums..

I have a denon system now. I just bought the left and right ARAGON Palladiums from a auction at a good price. I am looking to buy a preamp now. I haven't listened to any preamps except B&K. I want to buy something reasonable and looking at Proceed preamps, Aragon Stageone. I will need to replace the cheap speakers I have as well. I'm looking at Sonus Faber G. Piano as well Revel Studio. I will like the feedback from all you experts out there. Thanx in advance.

A Novice in HT
If you want a reliable, very neutral and clean preamp with a 20 year transferable warranty, consider the Bryston BP25.
I had Aragon amplification before going to Krell amp and pre-amp. If you want to try a real gem with those amps check out the Krell KRC 2. It is the best deal of the KRC line since it is cheaper than the KRC (original) and the KRC-HR and better than the KRC 3 and yet it sounds fantastic.

It was a big improvement over the Aragon pre-amp I had before going to Krell!