what preamp to acompany my conrad johnson mv55?

I recently bought a Conrad Johnson MV-55 tube amp and I'm in need for a nice preamp under $1200. I've been looking at the Mark Levinson No.28, Krell KSA and Krell PAM 5. Not to forget the CJ PFR. I'm not a big fan of the CJ PV line due to it's simplistic appearance (though that can be a good thing according to some people). Any feedback is greatly aprecciated.

Shahens, if you can stretch (isn't that always the way!) go for a premier 14, can be had for around 2,000 or maybe less on the used market, the pv10 is also a giant killer but not in the premier line at CJ - good luck!
I would recommend PV10B or PV12 also agree with above suggestion to stretch and get a premier 14(used). The 14 would be an outstanding combination.