What Preamp should I use

I have a Denon POA-1500 with which I am REAL happy. Recently the ADCOM GFP-1 has a problem with one of the channels fading in and out (I enjoy the clarity of ADCOM with the Denon, ES Sony CD, and the Snells speakers) but it is time to get a new PREAMP and I do not know what would be comparable with the set-up I have now. Can some one help me with this and I do not know of
You should let us know your budget. Maybe you could try a used tube preamp? You could always get an Adcom GFP 555II for cheap and it's much better than the gfp1.
If you enjoy the clarity of the Adcom GFP-1, you are in for a real treat on the later generations of budget preamps. I would not recommend the GFP-555 in any version. Adcom made some fairly decent amps and tuners (which I used in the 80s and 90s) at the time of this preamp, but there were so many budget models from PS Audio, Mccormack and Superphon to name a few that were far more open and resolving than the Adcom GFP-555. I have not hear the newer Adcom preamps but the 7xx models get a lot of praise so check them out as well.