What preamp good match with audio research D250

I just start a new system have a audio research D250 MKII,TNT HR-X turntable with Benz LP or Cardas/Benz HEART RUBY 2, Wadia 861 CD player. I have been look at Cat Ultimate SL1 and Hovland HP-100, both have phone built in,any suggestion or have been compare before.
I'm going for the Musical Surroundings MM/MC Phonomena Phono Preamplifier which has been favorably reviewed in Stereo Times and S-Philes I believe.

Do not know what your range is ,but I go for biggest bang for the buck!

ARC,Thor and Herron make good ones from the reviews I have read,but MS has some great dexterity!

Happy hunting!
Sorry posted that at the wrong thread!
Audio research SP-10 is my current mate with the D250. They work very well together and the SP-10 has a very nice phono. I have found that ARC matches well with ARC of the same era sonically it seems more cohesive.

Good Luck.

The CAT is very good. A friend has a D250 he uses with a last generation SP10. He uses all the best NOS tubes in his system.
Brian Walsh
Essential Audio