What preamp goes best with Rotel RB1080 amp?

Just bought the new Rotel 200watts / channel model RB1080 stereo amp. What would be a good preamp to match with this. Have big McIntosh speakers being driven. Thanks.
Do you do DIY? Do you like tubes?

I remain,
Up the ante a bit and try a used BAT VK3i.Has tubes to tame things and is balanced as I think your amp is.Maybe $1250 used but the extra scratch is way worth it.

I have Acurus RL-11, Adcom GP750, and rotel RC-1090 hook to the RB-1080 and, to me, the RC1090 is a clear winner in every aspect.

RC-1090 is a great mid-price pre, which produces pleasant sound at $1K, and it will not break your bank though. Also, I tend to keep pre & amp from the same manufacture. Please dont ask me why, the look ? Maybe.