what preamp for Paradigm Studio 60/Odyssey Stratos

i am going to use my denon 3802 for ht, but was looking for suggestions for a preamp. i listen to grateful dead, panic, n. young, etc. i like my music loud and clear. i hate brightness which can sometimes be a probelm with the studio's metal tweeters. it needs to have a remote and cost less than $600 used. any suggestions?

Disclaimer: I'm selling my pre-amp...

... but that's not why I'm responding. I too have/had the 60s v2 matched with the Stratos and enjoyed the sound very much. I just sold my 60s because I wanted to replaced them with the Odyssey Nightingales. Boy are they nice! I'm now in the process of changing out my pre-amp and would like to once again get an Odyssey product, the Tempest. When I was first putting my system together I wanted to stay within the same family so I went with an Anthem TPL-1 (Paradigm and Anthem are affiliated). It has EXCELLENT feature and is very smooth. I was using MIT ICs and speaker cabling, which might have been too revealing for the Studio 60s. I swapped them for Gronebergs and it helped quite a bit. What cabling are you using?
i have not received my amp from Klaus yet so the 60s are being powered by a B&K ST-140. i like the sound, just not ennough power. i am usin signal cable shotgun bi-wire. tell me about Klaus' new speakers and cable...
The Paradigms require some power to get them sounding good. Placement can make a big differnce too. They need room to breath.
I've been using the signal power cords on my amp and my CDP and it seems to help. I made some other system changes around the same time, so it's hard to pinpoint what to attribute the improvement to.
If you've done research on Odyssey,I'm sure you've heard that system synergy is important. The Groneberg cables softened my system without losing the detail. If you want to learn more about their speakers check out this forum:
I learned a boatload there.

I am an owner of Odyssey stratos (120 cap upgrade) and tempest which were driving Paradigm ref 100 v2 almost for 18 months till I recently sold to upgrade, recently I heard Lorelei in my system with modified Jolida CD player, these are really nice speakers way better than paradigm 100's, unfotunatly I have way too big room (25 X 24 X 10 which is open to kitchen which is 30 X 15 X 9), If you have decent size room, stratos, tempest, odyssey speakers are hard to beat.