What Preamp for my Maggie 1.7's and Bryston 3B NRB

Hello all- I am looking for a preamp for my Magnepan 1.7's and Bryston 3B NRB amp. Looking for something in the 1k to 2k range... but it has to have a HT bypass and remote volume/input select. Not a vinyl guy- so no phono inputs needed. I mostly listen via a media server.

My first thought is to go with a used Audio Research SP16 or a new SP17. Any other options you would suggest?

Try to find a Jeff Rowland Consonance. It is adjustable and has a very good sound.
BAT VK30 gets my nod, best preamp I've owned. I'll be listing it soon, had to go to an integrated amp due to change in set up.
Thanks for the suggestions so far!!!