What Preamp for ML Sequals & ESL amp?

Would like to get into "tubes," but recently purchased a pair of Martin Logan Sequals and an ESL amp for them. Got my eyes on a Shanling T-100- and would like to benefit from the tubes. Should I get a tube preamp? Or will a SS preamp suffice? Any suggestions on preamp brands/models, as well as technical info on the concerns of voltage, and ideal matching (re: the electrostatics) and how this will effect the performance of the ML's.

Thank you in advance!!!!!
Tube preamps are a great idea, but they all sound different tonally speaking. Same with CDP's, in fact. If i had to choose only one tube component it would be the pre amp. What what flavor sound do you expect from your pre-amp and CDP? Warm, cold, neutral, etc. From what i understand your speakers and amp probably would be on the cool side. By the way you might like to do a little bit of research on the Shanling - it seems to be getting some bad press, i.e. looks good but sound or quality control isn't up to par.
Long time M/L owner (7 pairs in 16 years). My Conrad Johnson premier 17 is the best I've heard in 3dsound staging, detail, and openess. Works great with M/L's. Can't recommend enough!
Tanks newbee - you are correct about the bad press which is why I'm also considering the Roksan Caspian....but again at this point not even sure I want to go tube on the cd player unless I can get a great tube preamp match for my system.
Running the tube preamp warm - not hot - would seem the way to go....

to MKfischer - I did peak at the Conrad Johnson as well as the BAT VK50.....agree that it would prob sound great with the logans, but what about a SS powerhouse amp like the innersound? Tanks!
Keerwilson, i note that your Innersound amp has an imput impedence of 50K ohms - if this is correct you should not have a mismatch with a tube preamp of most any make. In addition to the CJ preamp you looked at you might also want to look at some of the better older CJ Premier's, ARC's and Sonic's Frontiers SFL's, assuming a remote is not mandatory. You would more likely find them to have a warmer tone.
Personally I prefer solid state preamp (I love my BVaudio P1). Think about it, this is the heart of your system everything should be processed untainted. If you want tube sound use either CD player with tube output, or tube amp(s).
It all depends on how much you want to spend. What is your budget?

KF-max price I can go for the preamp is $1500.00 (but prefer to be around $1000.00 considering I still need cables). Also - I'd strongly prefer to have a remote w/ this unit as well as the simplest set-up and play-back possible (this will be my first piece of tube equipment!)

Tweak - I've considered your suggestion - however - if I go w/ a ss pre and a "lonely" tube cd player - I'm concerned I won't really hear those tubes.....