What Preamp for a CJ Premier 11?

I need to purchase a preamp for my Conrad Johnson Premier 11. I wanted to ask the forum members for suggestions. As you can tell I am a fan of tubes but may consider solid state as well. Has any one teamed a MX110 to a CJ? I dont necessarily need a tuner but I do need a phono stage. I am open and appreciative to all of your suggestions.

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I agree with Elizabeth. I owned the cj Premiers 11a & 17LS for a long time. I tried a cj PV 14 first and concluded that the Premier 17LS was a no brainer.
Have had a Premier 16LS series 2 with a Premier 11a and it went very well, but then so did a PV-11 with phono. Enjoyed both, still have the Premier 16 but here and there miss the PV-11.
Agree with everyone above I have owned the 16, 17 and PV10 and all worked very well with the 11...