what preamp for 2500.00

im looking for a preamp,my system is under ever evolving,aka bbaxley2..i must have remote, balanced in and outs,along with single ended.and tubes.im on track for the arcls16 mk2.after talking with lenord at audio research he said to go with it,insted of ls25mk2.what else is out there that would be better.spending less would make me happy thanks
sorry my system is under 2 channel but you can hit ssystem button
I would recommend a LS25 MKI retubed with NOS 6922 tubes.
You can buy used for under $2000
I would highly suggest trying the Modwright SWL 9.0 SE..
Its new for $2200.00 and competes with ones that cost lots more..Kurt at echo audio carries these and is very nice to deal with.. www.echohifi.com.... Neil at Clearaudio is also a great person to deal with and carries them.. You can locate him under Consonance on Audiogon , where the droplet is being sold.. He's a dealer out of NY and Kurt is out of OR..