what preamp and power amp for new psb image t6

Hi everyone, I need a piece of advice here. I a newbie here and also newbie in hifi stereo. I just recently bought psb image t6 speakers and I would like to upgrade my preamp as well as my power amp. I am using now to power my new set of speakers parasound hca 1000a and belles xlm pre amp. I listen to lot of rock and roll and i am looking for a deep warm tight bass along with detailed mids and of course good highs. What would be the best choice as i can only spend about $2000 for both. I am not considering new products as it would cost much more then used ones. I've been recently looking in on some conrad johnson products here on audiogon and the pv-12a sparked my interest and also the ps audio pca-2 which one do you think is better sounding? The main concern for me is the sound. The more musical the better for me. I also would like someting with remote control. When it comes to power amps I am little bit lost. There are halo products like the a23 or a21 now I know the a21 is better power amp but would not that be just to much of power for my t6? I am also considering the conrad johnson as for the power amp.
What are your thoughts guys? What would best suit the image t6? Are any of my choices good to consider or should i go with different products? Any thoughts would be very appriciated. Thank you
Hi...funny, i was reading your post, and thinking CJ and then you eventually mentioned the name! i think you may like the 2500 series Conrad Johnson SS power amps.