What preamp?

I have just purchased a ARC Vt-100mk2 and now know that my tubed preamp Quicksilver is my weakest link in my system. I am looking for VT-100 mk2 owners, what preamps work with this amp? Tube or SS?

VT 100mk2
Quicksiler Fulfunction pre
Tyler Acoustic Lynbrook Sign. monitor
EMC MK2 CD player
Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker & IC's
get ARC LS2 MKII, hybrid tube preamp, use 1 6SN7, very good in dynamic.
Get a Pass X-1 or and adcom 750. IMHO, YMMV. The best of both worlds.
Do you neccessary need a full-function preamp?
If yes try EAR834 full-function that will upgrade you substantially from Quicksilver.
Among SS preamps you can lookup Plinius M16 that incorporates excellent phono section as well.
I agree w/Marakanez about the EAR 834 - If you don't need the phono stage you can get the EAR834L. The are fairly bare bones but sonically the line stage is every bit as good as my ARC SP10II. I use one in another system and recommend it highly. (And they are cheap!)
ARC's own preamp.
BAT, CJ, EAR will work too.
VT-100 is balanced, so a balanced preamp should be better.
Good luck!
The entry level balanced ARC pre-amp would work wonderfully!!!(LS-16?)
I think a real good match for the VT 100 mkll is an LS 25 mk1 or mkll.........I have the 25 mkl and I am very happy with this set up (so far)!
I owned an LS-25 preamp for a couple of years; an amazing piece...some things about it were preferable to my Ref 2 MKII...instrumental action was par excellence!!
Hmmm... I use an Aleph P with my EMC-1, and certainly decided that my Red Dawn was a limiting factor, given the Pass pre's transparency. Further I modded the EMC-1 to "UP" level (RSVP if you want me to mod yours for 1/2 price), then found nirvana with SPM XLR. I'm not sure that I'm pretty sure that i would NOT have been able to resolve these levels of further purification with a lesser preamp.
So if you want to follow my example treat yourself to a cleaner top octave with the EMC-1 mod, then feed it through a cleaner top octave than the Blue Heaven, into a totally transparent pre like the Aleph P or similar. The latest "UP"grade to the EMC-1 lights up the top octave to a less laid-back character, but ya need a more resolving IC (in balanced mode!) and pre to appreciate it. Just my experience, but VERY noticeable.

What is involved in this mod? How much? what amp are you using?