What Pre in connection with a C-J Pr 11A?

I am using the Premier 11A with Audiostatics speakers and a PV12 A PRe, of which I am not fully convinced - I have used other gear with "different" possibilities showing. Any experience on what is really fantastic? I am a professional violinist working in chamber music, so my preferences are clear, I look for a tube-window!

Thanks for your ideas..
Check out the Aronov LS9000 tube pre-amp which is usually for sale on Audiogon every one or two months. I think the most recent Audiogon posting for sale is by a Canadian store. I listen to a lot of music at home featuring violin. Simply as a listener who often sits in the concert hall, I think its musical accuracy will appeal to you. If you don't listen to anything except one source, such as CD's, then look into EVS Ultimate Attenuators which eliminate any separate pre-amp, by attaching directly onto the RCA input jacks of your amplifier. I use these with the older Cary SLA-70Sig classic amplifier driving the Clements RT-7 speaker with revealing ribbon tweeter, and it lets the amp do its thing without alteration of the sound I prefer, having tried different tubes in the amplifier until it sounds real to me.
Your question is impossible to answer without knowing what you are willing/able to spend. Preamps run from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. While higher price does not always mean better performance, there is some correlation.
Why not consider a CJ Pre-Amp.
I wouldn't be so quick to blame things on the CJ preamp. The CJ PV 12A is a superb sounding piece. If you want richness of tone and smoothness of velvet with tight well defined bass (not bloated or flabby) very few preamps can match it's fine qualities.
What are you using for wires? I have several CJ amps and preamps and am very happy. Some amps and pres mate better. But, I come back to my original question, what wires are you using. And, even, how old are your tubes?