What pre are you using for your Pass X.5?

Pass amps have a great reputation, but it seems that a lot of folks who have them don't use corresponding Pass pre-amps. I'm curious to know what pre's people are using with their X.5 amps, tubes vs SS, and if anyone could talk a bit about the Pass pre's.

I used a 2.5 with my 250.5---it really wasn't my cup of tea, but my problem with Pass if you are limited with preamplifier choice due to the impedance (most tube preamps will not work).

I believe something like the Cary SLP-05 should work with Pass as I recall. I have heard the new XP line is considerably better than the older preamplifier line. Also, the remote on the old version to be put simply, is terrible to use.

I use a Pass Labs XP 10 with my X350.5 and it sounds great. I heard a X250.5 with an Allnic pre-amp and it sounded awewsome! I used a Pass Labs Aleph P for 4 years and had great results , and it sounded much better than all the other combinations I tried with my X350.5. at that time. I tried an X1 and I did not like it and went back to my Aleph P. However the XP10 is much better than my old Aleph P and the best match I have heard yet with my X350.5. Make sure you have good interconnects between the Pre-amp and Power Amp. If you are using a Pass pre-amp and a Pass power amp use XLR Balanced between the two, they sound better that way.
I used a Bat Vk5i with my x250.5. Awesome. Probably would have kept that preamp but despite numerous tube swaps and a capacitor replace to fix the leaky stock oil caps, the vk5i was just randomly noisy. When it was behaving, it was pretty much the perfect sound. Easily "drove" the X250.5.

I used an X2.5. it was very good, incredible detail retrieval, but overall I grew tired of the sound, as it seemed too "mecanical" with a semi metallic aftertaste; (however, the preamp change is more a result of my stupid audio obsession, than any actual faults of the components -lol).

I ran a Cary SLP-05 for about a week. It was very good, but to my ears, seemed a bit tipped up, or hot, in the upper midrange, lower treble.

Also used an Audio research LS 15 extensively. Good, but a bit boring.

My favorite was the Bat Vk5i.

In all cases I was driving Dynaudio Contour S3.4's.

Also, all connections were balanced.