What pre-amp would you choose

I am looking for some input for a new/used tube per-amp. I have the audio research vt 130 , Ah tjobe 4000 , magnepan 3.6R and transparent super cable. I am looking for the best tube pre-amp to match with my system. What would you choose?
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There are a number of tube preamps that would go well with this power amp. If you are willing to buy used, there is an ARC SP-11 Mk2 for sale here on Audigon. It was one of the best tube preamps ever made, by ARC or anyone else. The seller is asking $2000 for it, and you have to spend a lot more to do any better.
No preamp at all ... buy something like a Resolution Audio CD50 or 55 and run it direct to the amp. If you are only going to have one source, this is an excellent way to upgrade your front-end (other CD players from Wadia, Theta, Accuphase, etc also have variable outputs which would allow you to eliminate the preamp altogether) ... just my 2 cents
how much $$$$??
I would like to keep the price under $2000.00 and have a remote
Should be able to snag a BAT VK5i for about $2K. Or a 3i w/remote and phono for about $1.25K.
Rogue 66 or 99
The Sonic Frontiers Line 1 is a superb piece, and a steal for around 1200 used.
ARC LS-15 or ARC LS-2BR MkII. Both have remote, the MkII might be tough to find. These should list used for around $1400.
I would add to the Rogue and Sonic Frontiers suggestions the VTL 2.5. Livelier than ARC.
I had a cj Premier 14. It was outstanding. I don't know what current used retail is, but it couldn't be much over $2000, and I would expect it to be a less. It does have remote, and it uses what is, IMHO, the best type of output attenuation device. If you get one, buy replacement tubes from cj. Read the Stereophile review for a description of its sound. I don't agree with all in Stereophile, but I thought that particular review was "spot on."
The Placette Passive Linestage is a MUST audition. It's $1,400 from the factory with a 30-day review period, so you can return it if it doesn't suit you. However, returning it is highly unlikely if you have a very good source, very good speakers, and cables that don't get in the way. The Placette simply let's you hear your system without coloration and roll-off. Try it, you won't be sorry. (It's got a remote, to boot.)