What pre amp to use for Cary 805?

I have a Sonic Frontiers Line 3SE which I like a lot, but it sounds better when use with XLR input and output. I used to own a Pass X-350, but it did not work well with the SF Line 3 and I sold the amp hoping to find a better match without spending more money.

My speakers are fairly efficient, Sonus Faber Amati Homage. I can drive them with 1000wpc amp or I can drive them with 30+ wpc of SE tube power. I decided to give Cary 805 a try as I have always wanted to try one, but will it work well with my SF Line 3SE? With the Cary, I will not use the balance benefit of SF Line 3SE which is why I bought the pre in the first place.

What pre amp do you use with your Cary 805 and what sounds good? Also, will I be better off using other power amp instead of Cary for my Amati Homage?

I am using a conrad johnson prem 16 version 1
with cary 805 c and proac 2.5 speakers.

very nice sound
Any of the First Sound will sound great. http://www.firstsoundaudio.com/
The Counterpoint 5.1 works very nice.
I heard one hooked into them.

Great front to back depth and truly outstanding phono!.

you probably had an impedance mismatch. as far as i know all pass amps are low input impedance and tube preamps have high output impedance.
you should be ok staying with line3/cary805.
Air-Tight ate-2 with Cary 805C..very very musical
Guess tube pre + power is still king. SF Line 3 is designed with very low output impedance (4 tubes/channel for the output buffer), but Pass is not very tolerant (there is another thread on this topic) and still posts a problem for my case. Sounds like my SF Line 3SE should work fine with Cary 805.
i had conrad johnson premire 17 and cary 805 and proac 1.5 d sound very nice magical bass is tide for 6' woofer