What Pre amp to use

I need some help. Please. I just got new Alto Utopia Be's and I need a pre amp. I have a BAT VK-500 and I want to stick with it. I have been using a Denon 5800 as a pre for 2 channel (and H.T.) but that won't hack it anymore. I need to keep the price at or below 5k. My initial thoughts are Pass Labs X1, BAT VK31, Cary SLP 98, Rogue Audio 99, among others. As you can see, I am pretty all over the place, I do not even have it narrowed down to SS or tubes. I do not have the ability to listen to all of these, so I am open to advice. Thank you for any input.
Lougolding, I've owned the X1 and the X2.5 pre's. You can do far worse than either of these and they are near identical in performance (at least with a good line conditioner attached).

Regarding the BAT VK-500 (with BATPAK I presume), as a previous VK-500 owner, I'm confident you can do far better for less. Even in the bass regions which is by far the VK-500's strongest suit.

Look for a used BVaudio P1, an excellent choice. Also you made no mention of power conditioning- very important!