what PRE-AMP and AMP to use with Audes 037.1

This may sound like a newbie question to many and that's what it really is.
I just got Audes 037.1 speakers, 160W, 6 ohm.
Now I need pre-amp and amp, I like tube ones, listened to them quite a bit quite a few years ago(40 maybe!) but was not following the market ever since. Any recommendations as to what will be a good match? Not looking at new and expensive ones, I want to stay under 15-18 hundred for both pre-amp and amp. What power should I go with? I came accross some with nice reviews (like Dared MP-2A3C) but only say 15-40 W which I am afraid won't be enough.
I listen to lot of classics, as well as use the units with the Roland electric piano. Thank you in advance for your time