What Powers Your Power?


If your electricity comes from hydro power, your speakers will have liquid mids

If your electricity comes from coal, your amp will dig deep

If your electricity comes from natural gas, your sources will have lower distortion

If your electricity comes from solar, your highs might be a little too bright

If your electricity comes from nuclear, your soundstage will radiate everywhere

Cow farts.
The smell alone can transport you.

All the best,
My power is powered by Mr T, fool. I get that power to power my regular power by him knitting sweaters. When doing so he turns an air draft boogie board as he pulls his knitting material. The water being pushed to the side electrifies the air and it is captured by a frog in the field and well the rest is history.
Thanks tuberist. I'm as nutty for this hobby as anybody, just about, and I need to laugh about it sometimes. 
I'm currently driving 100+ miles a day to and from work because I don't want to spend the extra money on an apartment closer to the office, which would cut into my audio budget. That's a sickness 🤑