What powercable for a Linn Majik CD?


Looking for a nice, used Linn Majik CD player. Once had one and was happy with it, but unfortunately had to sell it and now I regret..

Does anyone know what would be the best solution for powering this player? What powercable would be great with it? Because it already has a switch-mode power supply built in?

Long to hear some helpful advice:)

Thank you very much.

Sjors Scheijvens
The Netherlands
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So have to know how much money you would want to spend on a cdplayer and powercabnel togheter. Do not forget that most brands will stop with spinners in 2015. I sold my Meridian 800Daxv4. I will not spend a lot of money on it. A few highend streamers are better than some of the best cd players. Because they are more precise and have less jitter.
Shunyata cx series power cables are excellent.I use a JPS Labs digital AC power cable that I like very much.It removes any noise that may be created by the digital component itself.Those are two possibilities to check out.Best of luck to you in your search!

see review of the Big RED at POSITIVE-FEEDBACK.com

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