what power to use on msb link dac 3

I dont know what to buy,p-1000 powerbase or monolithic hb2 what do you suggest
The Andy Bartha one.
I use a P-1000 in one system with a Stan Warren Link DAC. Big improvement over the stock power supply. However, the reason for getting the P-1000 was that I got it for free.
I use the monolithic PS on my Dan Wright modded Link III and I am happy with the result.(did an audiophile say happy?) Definite improvement over the standard MSB power supply.
I'm using the one that came with the unit. It's a transformer. Is this somehow defective? If so why do they sell them that way?
I second Hankcan's remark.
Use if you can find used Monolith MPS !!!!! Definitely the best of all. Plus you can conect Audio Alchemys DTI PRO 32 which can make huge diference.