What Power Cords Work Best with Audionote Amps

I have recently purchased a pair of balanced Audionote Kegons for my system and am currently using Isoclean Super Focus Power cords between the amps and the wall. The Isocleans worked superbly with my prior amps, but I am unsure whether they are the best match for the new amps. I have particularly long runs of AC wire so it would be difficult to find a dealer who could loan me cables of the right length. In addition to what the Isocleans do well, it would be nice to find a pc with a bit more extension at the top, better leading edge, tighter (better damped) bass, and excellent dynamics. Any suggestions would be appreciated. By the way, the Isocleans with a high power transistor amp achieve much of this but the requirements of a tube amp seem somewhat different. Thanks.

PS. I do not want to change the tonal balance.
I have a pair of Audionote Kagekis. These amps seem to be relatively insensitive to changes in power cords (assuming the cords are of reasonable quality). I have been able to eke out a bit more bass definition and initial transient attack with Basis (the turntable company) power chords (vs. older ESP stuff), but the difference is not huge. As a general observation, I have found tube amps and linestages to be less picky in this regard than solid state gear.

On a fairly consistent basis, I also like NBS power chords, but the top stuff is extremely expensive, difficult to work with (large and stiff), and prone to being damaged if twisted around too much.

Good luck on your search.

YAMAMURA PRODUCTS i guess same sounding philosophy......
I have a Isoclean Supreme Focus on my AN P3 Silver.

I also have the 3 Super Focus PC.

For those who say that it makes very little change in sonics with AN amps and PC's are not hearing to well IMHO.

If the best is what you want then buy the Isoclean Supreme Focus for (offer) $1500.00 on the 'Gon right now.

For an even bigger HUGE!!! sonic upgrade buy a HRS M3 platform and the Spacers and Couplers. Make sure you get the weight right on the M3.

This is my finding with AN gear that the Isoclean and HRS will indeed give you what you are looking for.
I have had AN Kageki's, Kegon's and an old Ongaku along with other AN gear. The nicest is the Kondo silver power cord if you can find one. I have had several all silver ones made that are also good. Not sure who make a silver one now but the amps are all silver...wire, trannies, caps...so it make sense to add more silver.
I would give Nick Gowan a call at True Sound in Campbell, CA.
Nick is a very nice guy and knows lots about Audio Note Kondo gear.