What Power Cords for Rel S510 Subs?

I’m considering a pair of Rel S510s to go with my Diablo 300 and B&W 802 D2’s. I’ve invested quite a bit in cabling: Audioquest Dragon for my amp, Hurricanes for my source equipment, and Nordost Valhalla 2 for my speaker wire. I can clearly hear the difference between a Hurricane and a Dragon cord when powering my amp. The Dragon puts space and air around vocals and instruments with front to back depth.

There is no way I can afford anything better than two 3m Hurricanes for the Rel S510’s but my question is, how much do power cords matter for subs? Sadly for my wallet, I’ve found that higher grade cords do make a considerable difference for all my other components, verified through blind tests. Not as much as speaker cables, but still a big difference.

I also have a Innuos network isolation switch and also an Innuos USB reclocker, to support my Innuos Zenith Mk 3 streamer.

Does power cord quality matter less with subs than with everything else?

For the record I’ve seen other threads on this subject, with what seems to be consensus that power cords don’t matter with subs, but I was hoping others who, like me, appreciate the difference a top tier power cord can make, can comment on whether there truly is no benefit to using one when it comes to subs. Has anyone compared a Hurricane grade (or better) cord with a stock cord, connected to a high end sub?



it seems most manufacturers do not recommend third party cables and cords, though they don't use their stock cables in their rooms at hifi shows...maybe they don't want to tell customers extra cost will be needed, and don't want to recommend a brand that many of their dealers do not carry...it's interesting to follow what cables they use at shows and in their in house listening rooms...

As one who has heard, in blind tests, the difference between PCs, I am more than a bit dubious as to how a much better PC would make a difference on subs.

The reason why I say this, is because ALL the differences I've heard in PCs, is with subtle spatial cues (ambience, soundstage depth and width, image specificity within the soundstage, etc).

So, from my experience, I am not seeing where a high end PC would make a difference. 


Ok..listening to my new favorite artist/recording, "Dreams and Daggers", featuring the absolutely amazing Cecile McLorin Salvant..a 15 on a scale of 10.


Great bass..texture, nuance, dynamic..and yes..my upgrade from Venom to Venom NR improved the clarity/speed..of the bass and I think the NR helped clear up the mid frequencies..which I didn’t realize that they needed greater clarity..What an album..I’m purchasing a second copy and putting it away.

@vonhelmholtz I will give Dreams and Daggers a listen.  Thanks for the tip!

I don’t doubt that bass definition and speed can help with subs.  @simonmoon , I know exactly what you mean about power cords impacting ambience, soundstage depth etc.  That’s what I have heard too.  But I also found that in my case, these were the most striking and noticeable differences.  I found if you really focus, you hear pretty big differences in bass presentation as well, but it’s simply not what jumps out the most.  I even found that with some high end cables bass energy was reduced (Valhalla 2 PC).