What power cord with the Cambridge Audio 840C?

I just thought I whould start a thread to see what other people's experience with aftermarket power cables has been on this player? I have only tried a couple of budget cords to date- a Tube Audio Design "Iron Lung Jellyfish" cord, and a MAC (My Audio Cables) "Source" Sound Pipe. Both are nice for their price point/value, but as always, I want to squeeze a little more out of the player. To be honest, I never actually hooked the player up with the stock cord. Not looking to break the bank here- $300.00 or under new or used. I value overall transparency and top end frequency extension/air over anything else. The rest of my system consists of System Audio SA2K monitor speakers, Speltz anti cable speaker cabling and IC's, and a Manley Stingray integrated. Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.

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I'm using the AZ Tsunami Plus because it allows the 840c to sound a shade more harmonious and natural sounding, but I doubt that it does anything to improve transparency and top end frequency extension and air. I'm using a Melody tube amp and Zu speakers.
Try the van den Hul Mainsserver power cord, approximately $350.00. Better hurry, prices are going to increase soon!
Try a second hand Nordost Shiva.
Save your money and buy Signal...or check out Element.
I would NOT recommend a Shiva: it is a very nice cord, but lacks "flesh on the bones." At the very least, one needs a Vishnu, but even this is not enough, I think. Having had all the Nordost cords, I opted for Shunyata power cords for the lower noise flower (Valhalla WILL have a lower noise floor than a Python Alpha: not so sure about the Phython Alpha Helix). The Shunyatas have considerably more tonal color, are dynamic and music sounds like itself, instead of a skeleton of such.
I'm sure there are other contenders, but be careful NOT to use the power cord to compensate for flaws in your system. You will never have a truly balanced system if you go that route.
Signal Digital Reference - excellent value, excellent power cord. Do the math - is a $300+ power cord going to give you 4 to 5X the performance compared to the Signal? Simple answer IMHO I think it works very well with this player.
I had very good luck with the Black Sand Silver Ref.
Just stick with what you have. It's a power chord used to deliver a few milliamps for goodness sake!
I'm using a Zu Bok on my 840C.
Audience PowerCord...after trying Zu Bok, AZ Tsunami, NBS Signature. Of course, your results may vary. Somebody...please give me the definition of synergy AGAIN?
I had excellent results with the Signal Cable Magic Digital Reference Power Cord when I owned the 840c.
It was also very inexpensive.