Not really a discussion - more like a survey: prompted by a recent article about Power Cords that showed up in my browser. PLEASE NO DETAILS: NO IN-DEPTH REVIEWS OF ATTRIBUTES, WISH I HADs AGAIN, or WANT TO TRYs -
just component (CD, PRE, DAC, INT, POWER, SPEAKER) and Mfg Brand, and model (if known) and length

Triode Wire Labs 'The Obsession' across all components. SR Galileo UEF to SR PowerCell 12 SE.
High Fidelity Cable PRO, URH, UR,
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Lets shout about it.Purist and Furutech they sound GREAT!!!!
I’m a little bit embarrassed to say none. I hopped off the grid three years ago and never looked back. 👀
Geoff, to ease your embarrassment, a reading assignment...just in case you flip...pertinent to the thread as well...

Jay Luong // Audio Bacon

A couple of Synergistic's Reference A/C Master Couplers(to Stealth XXX and Bass amp), five Zu Mothers(to my main amps, TacT 2.2X, CDP and phono pre) and a Zu Mission(from SDS to TT).
I've got a weird mix.
Zu Mission
Audioquest Thunder
Equi+Core- I forget the name.
Audio Envy all around:

Ocean-Elite 3P on the preamp
Ocean-Elite 2P on amp, DAC, music server, phono stage, and transport
Mega Ocean on power conditioner

Isotek Synchro EVO3 out of the wall; Cullen Cable Gold to the preamp/amps; JPS Labs Digital AC-X to the CD player; Project wall wart to the turntable.
AQ Hurricane and Firebird cords.  Also some Shunyata alpha cords.
I think I am old school. But mostly Cardas Golden Reference, Some Clear and a couple Clear Beyond. On a few a PS Audio Plus and Shunyata entrylevel. Although researching power conditioners and may evolve into something else. But that will take years to change out all the cables. 
Audioquest Thunder (3), Blizzard (1), and NRG 10(1). 
Mostly Cerious Matrix, Audioquest Hurricane, Furutech DPS-4 and some DIYers.

DH Labs Red Wave on my Luxman L-590AX. I was stunned by the difference.
Signal Cable "Magic Power" & "Digital".  Why spend more???
Shunyata Copperheads, Shunyata Diamondback Platinum, Acrolink Power Cord.  
3 Kimber PK 10 Palladians and 3 Pk10 Ascents
WyWires Juice II Platinum HC - PS Audio P5 
WyWires Juice II Silver HC - Pass Labs X250
WyWires Juice II Silver - ModWright LS36.5
Nordost Vishnu - Cambridge 851C
Nordost Vishnu - Oppo UDP 205
VH Audio Shielded Twisted Pair w/Furutech plugs - Bluesound Vault II
Triode Wire Labs Digital American for my integrated and SACD player and Cullen Cable 10GA PCs for my power strips.
StraightWire Thunder on processor, and both amplifiers.  Audioquest Thunder on power conditioner.  Audioquest NRG-Y3 on all other components including subwoofers.
All OEM here. Tried the aftermarket and found zero improvement in SQ. 
Cardas golden reference and Analysis plus.

Central power supply feeds amps. Isolation transformers feed sources. Nothing else required.
Oppo BDP-105 -  Nanotec Power Strada #306 Cable 2.0m
Mark Tunis Black Shadow High Current Power cords on everything, 3’ & 4’ lengths.
All Mark Grant hand made cables in the UK including mains block. 
Triode Wire Labs Obsession and Synergistic Research Atmosphere 4 and Galileo UEF's.
Turntable...Kubala Sosna Emotion
Phonostage....Kubala Sosna Emotion
Preamp.....Kubala Sosna Emotion
DAC..........Audioquest Thunder HC
Node 2i streamer..Wireworld Aurora mini C7
Mono amps...Signal Cable Magic power cords
All my own creations :).
I couldn't help posting, as I saw the link david_ten posted.


Sablon Audio Corona Elite, except dac which is battery powered.
WyWires Blue series Juice II Power cords with WyWires RCAs. 
Furutech Nano... Preamp
Cullen Crossover... Amp
Audience Powerchord... Transport, DAC
Cullen C7... Bluesound Node
VH Audio Flavor 4/Furutech Gold... EquiCore 1800

Mostly Cardas Golden Reference ( PreA, Phono Pre, Power,A Dac, Alpha USB converter, with Zu Birth & Mission on all others incl A/V equip.

BlueSound Node 2i = stock IEC Power Cable
Yamaha CD Player = stock attached #16 AWG Power Cord
AR "The Turntable" = stock attached #16 AWG Power Cord
NAD 7220PE Receiver (Used as Pre) = stock attached Power Cord
Emotiva XPS-2 = Stock #12AWG? IEC Power Cable

They are ALL quite suitable for the loads that are carried to each component, and are bundled / physically separated from other low-signal-level wiring.  I find AC Power here in the Milwaukee area to be solid, well-regulated, and reliable.
Audio Art in main system.
Signal MagicCable in secondary system.
WAudio for home theater setups and third system.
Stock cables for all "figure 8"'s throughout (one sub, desktop active pc speakers).
Triode Wire Labs for everything .
Brown Electronics Lab BEL 1001 amp with a $99 Pangea from AA. The amp (serial no. 0001, BTW!) didn't come with a stock cord. So I thought, why not splurge? All the rest of my AC cords are OEM's.
Phono: BLE Design - OFC /Rhodium plated
Amps: BLE Design - OFC /Gold plated
Inexpensive, well made, and sound great.
Esoteric CDP - Anticables Level 3 replaced (12 awg home brew with hospital grade connectors).

Newest: Cardas Clear Beyond XL, to PS Audio DSD DAC.AQ Hurricane, to VTL 7.5iii preamp.Elrod Statement Silver, wall to Audience Power Filter.LessLoss Reference - BDP-1 to Power Filter.Kimber Kable PK 10 Palladian - TV to wall.
Audio Art Cable loom Thanks to Rob Fritz

Power 1SE
Power 1e
IC-3SE x 2
SC-5SE in bi-wire config 
DIY Carol Cable 12AWG, 14AWG & 16AWG and they are all UL List & approved.
For what it's worth, I leaned pretty strongly towards the cables are all the same camp just because it seemed logical. The power cord I mentioned above is the single biggest improvement I've made in my system. When it arrived, the set was off, and I just switched it out cold and powered up. My immediate reaction was "no way, what??" Powered down, changed to the old cord, powered up again and could not believe the difference.
I made my own....top of the line Furutech connections with Accrolink wire....  great stuff.