What power cord for BAT VK-300x SE integrated?

I am looking for power cord recommendations for my BAT VK-300x SE integrated amp. I currently use a MAC HC power cord, but would like to experiment with something else. Maybe a Black Sand Violet or Silver ref? I would like to get a little more treble extension and air out of the BAT. The rest of my system is an Esoteric SA-10 CD/SACD player, System Audio SA2K monitor speakers, MAC Ultra Silver balanced IC's, and Spetz Anti-cable speaker cables. Any thoughts/recommendations?
I use a MIT Magnum AC1 with excellent results on my VK300x.
I am not sure of your budget here. I recently had a BAT VK300x SE in my system while I had a small issue getting fixed on a amp. I have a all BAT system (51se, p10se super, vk150se's)

I'd consider the Kimber Palladian PK 10 given your sonic priorties. Also, I'd in general, you'll like the Purist Dominus Ferrox rev c. Both will give you extension (The purist better on the bottom and richer through out).

When I heard the VK300 in "my" system compared to BATs top of the line, It more than held it's own. Killer int. amp you have ! But is did loose some of that extension on the top and bottom. I'd recommend either of these 2 cords, buy I'd like the Purist Dominus Ferrox best, the Kimber a close 2nd and closes to your stated goals above.

Also, for top end and air, have you cleaned your contacts recently? That may help this. Also. TURN off you int amp, let it cool. Unplug it. Take the cover off, pull the tubes and clean the tube pins and sockets with your contact cleaner. Be gentle here. This will give a improvement likely.

Finally, what is your BAT VK300 sitting on? Proper isolation really helps the BAT gear and address the exact issue you are raising in your system.

Hope this helps

I agree in principle with some of the points made by Jfech.

The 300IX is a very fine integrated and deserves proper care and feeding.

I have found a couple of key accessories from Walker Audio can really do what you are looking for.

I recommend to my customers that they use a set of Walker HDL links which are noise filters which connect to the back of the speakers underneath your speaker cable.

The HDLs really open up a system's sound and improve focus and resolution.

I also recommend the Walker Valid points which are very effective and inexpensive vibration control.

The Valid points are brass and lead damping discs and cones.

When used correctly they also increase the air and sound stage.

There are many great power cords to try.
Jfrech, Did you have the SE version? If not, what tubes did you run in the unit? What type of isolation did you use under the unit?
Thanks for the advice. My budget would be under $500.00 used, which is why I was considering a Black Sand Silver Ref cord. I haven't cleaned the contacts, but that's a good idea. I am not using any sort of vibration control under the amp, although I just got some Herbie's Ultrasonic tube dampers, and they did indeed help with top end air and extension. I was skeptical about these before I ordered them, but the more I have listened, they really do seem to make a difference. I am just trying to push the envelope a bit. I have been researching Stillpoints, and they look like they might work well under the BAT.

I'll have to check out the Walker stuff you mentioned. I have not heard of it (which doesn't mean much). I am just getting into/starting to discover the "tweaking" aspect of the hobby now that I have become settled on my integrated,source , and speakers.
You can`t tune your amp that much by changing poiwercords, even if a good cord will improve dynamics and clean up soundstage. If you want a cleaner top, what other cables do you use?
All ic`s and speakercables take away some dynamics & detail, the clue is to find out what takes less..

Hi, it was the SE version. And I used it on my Finite Pagode Master Ref rack with Cerapuc feet...
My bias is that ICs from source to integrated will influence the "sound" more than any other cable. I own KCI (koolcables)Firefly balanced silver ICs and they very have nice treble. Very reasonable cost for the quality and service. I also have the Silkworms balanced which, to me, have as optimal a combination of accuracy/balance, transparency and top-to-bottom extension but are more expensive.

Just my 2 cents.
Eupen power lead/balanced silver interconnect http://www.db-system.fr/bd_system/nos_cables.html/silver speaker leads with Sonus faber Cremona floorstanders did it for me.
Consider a Cardas Golden Ref. I had one on my VK200 with very good results. I was surprised to be honest. I also had decent luck with Shunyata.
You may want to try Grant Fidelity PC-1.5 Power cords, they are cheap, $150.00 but they realy do a fine job, you do get more than your money's worth, quite a bargain.