What power cord for Audiomat prelude....

Hello all
I have a audiomat prelude and a fully modded 9000es as my source, The source component has a elrod eps-2 power cord.
It would be my guess that a eps-3 may be the answer for the Prelude.
If anyone has had an eye opening experiences with a power cord, I would like to hear about it.
I would like to stay below 500 used, but all suggestion will be taken into account

come on guys, no responses,
I reviewed the Arpege for SoundStage! and later sold the Audiomat line in my part-time shop. The Prelude is my favorite amp of the lot. As far as power cords go, I really liked the Custom Power Cord Company Top Gun HCFi. I thought there was excellent synergy between the Audiomat and the HCFi. I haven't heard the Elrod with them though.
Thank for the response, I owned the Arpege previously as well, the prelude is a large step up,
I will look into your recommendations
I know this response is a little late, but try the Actinote. It works great with my Prelude.