What Power Cord for API Power Wedge 116 II ?

I have an Audio Power Industries(API) Power Wedge II. I'd like to upgrade from the wedge's standard power cord. I know the Power Link 311 is an option, if I can find one at a reasonable price. Is the PL 311 noticeably better than the stock cord? What other power cords are available for this purpose, meaning they can connect to the 116 II ? The cord has to have a 20 Amp IEC connector(all three female blades horizontal).
You answered your own question. Basiclly any power cord out there ( which would include over 100 ) with a 20 amp IEC connector.

Got a price range? Try this gent out, he sells some pretty good cables, for a very good price. He can give you some good honset advice, without trying to sell you the world.

Probably want to keep cost at or below $100.
Check out the link I posted. He is well under $100! I must admit I was sceptical about his cords ( becuase the price is low ) at first. But then I tried them. His agon user name is Frank9740 with 397 positive feedbacks " and no negatives " Frank is doing something right.
Thanks for the link. These look very good. Any Audiogoners care to comment on them? Someone also mentioned Bolder.