What power cord for a Outlaw Audio RR2150 ?

Any Outlaw owners out there......what power cables are you using? Thank You
The power cord supplied with the RR2150 performs just fine. If you are going to exercise care anywhere ... exercise care with the interconnects. I was using a silver/copper hybrid interconnect(IXOS Silver Gamma 1001) and it made the sound a bit harsh in the top end. Changing over to Signal Cable Analysis One (copper interconnect) put the sound back in balance. For the rest of the system, I am using Signal Cable Silver Resolution speaker cables; NHT SB2 speakers; and a SONY RDR GX315 DVD player/recorder.

Regards, Rich
Anything above the stock quality cord can't hurt bettering your performance.........
Suggest a PS Audio Statement...inexpensive and 30 day home trial...I own three...bettered my Nordost and Shunyata in my tubed system...more natural sound...superior bass and soundstaging....musical cord.
Has anyone tried Guerrilla Audio's juice power cable?
You need shielding for the digital section, but also juice for the driving stage. The Absolute Powewr cord v2 will work--better if cryo'ed.
Tin cup:

I tried power cords from both Signal Cable and Cardas and there was no audible difference than using the supplied power cord. I live in a pre-war NYC apartment house and I don't normally expect clean power. I use Cardas power cords in my other systems and have noticed minor improvements in clearer and deeper sound. It just was not the case with the Outlaw. I may also be the only RR2150 owner that has responded to your thread so far.

I would still recommend that your time and cash be spent with interconnects and speaker cables. There was a definite improvement in clarity with orchestral and operatic pieces with the right cables.

Also, in JA's technical measurements section of the Stereophile review of the Outlaw RR2150, he mentioned that the speaker polarity was reversed. JA was measuring a pre- production sample and the reversal of polarity is not an issue with production receivers.

Regards, Rich