What power cord do you like most on your amp ?

This does not necessarily mean that that's what you have, you might've tried it but couldn't afford at the time.
Of course, mention your amp too.
Over the years, I’ve tried many power cords on my Class A SS amp @100w/ch. I finally found one where a piano sounds like a piano.  It’s a Clarus Crimson HC.  Great with the amp, no so much with source components.
I made my own.....Top Furutech plugs with Accrolink cable. - very easy and excellent.
Besides curiosity, I got a small problem with that. I used to have Purist Dominus Rev C Ferox on my quite high current Redgum integrated, and it worked great. And I had Custom Power Cord Company Top Gun on the PS Audio regenerator all the equipment plugged in, including the amp - it is much better in my case than going straight to the wall even by way of the Dominus. However, lately the wall current in the area has been getting worse and I had to try to move the Dominus to the regenerator. It worked, things got better, which is not surprising because Dominus is a superior cord, though the Top Gun is very good too. Problem is that I have only one Dominus and I still miss it on the amp. Another Dominus is hard to find used and quite expensive. So as the thinking goes, I might want to try something that had a chance to outdo Top Gun on the amp while keeping the Dominus connected to the wall outlet and the regenerator. Or, theoretically, something that would be as good as Dominus there and put the Dominus back on the amp. I just have no idea what to try without much hassle and multiple buying/selling cycles. Maybe there is nothing really and I just have to hunt for another Dominus and pay as much as asked, probably about $750-$900.
The captive cord on my GAS Son of Ampzilla!

Every amp I've owned in the last 20 or so years I've made my own custom cord.

Because every house has it's own sound (electrically) I find that each house and component has their own relationship to each other. When I change out an amp it takes about a week or so and I'm designing a cord specifically for that unit. I also find (for people tuning their AC) that resetting their wall outlets per amp is a big deal along with the circuit panel.

If I may I'd like to give a free tweak out to folks. When you change out your cord you obviously have your amp turned off. While turned off loosen the shipping harness of your transformer, raise the transformer up slightly and set it back down. Your amp will sound more open and powerful. I recommend getting rid of the shipping harness altogether, but even re-setting the mechanics of the amp can be a pretty big deal.


My preference now are Acoustic Zen Gargantua II cables on my McIntosh MC2301 mono's. I have tried many PC's over the years and they are my favorites so far. I haven't tried every cable out there and I have never made my own. Before the AZ's I only used Wireworld cables, just about all of the ones in their line except for the Platinum ones.
I do not want to spend more than 1K$ on each power cables.

Sygnergistic Blue power cables are pretty good with good transparency and speed of transient at reasonable price.

I bought 6 of them at 3 for 2 offer last November.

 I had been happy with them after using 4 months.
I am surprised no-one mentioned Shunyata yet, these are popular power cords.
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Analysis Plus on my Wired 4 Sound multi-channel amp used to bi-amp my Emerald Physics speakers.  Excellent power chord at a reasonable price.  Used throughout my system.
Audience AU24SEi cables with my Audience aR6 conditioner is we’re my experimenting ended for my Ayre VX-5/20.
Cullen Cable Crossover Series II on my Nuprime IDA-16. Have also used it on my Arcam A19. Outstanding power cord, love it.



Well, Elizabeth, I get big differences with different power cords plugged in the same $7 outlet. Besides, audiophile duplex doesn't block interference, as far as I know, and that is the major problem.
Power cord is an extension of a power supply and that's exactly what you want to achieve - improve the power supply.
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Sure, it has a meaning, but I hear no convincing arguments, not that outlets make no difference - they do.
I agree with Elizabeth. It all matters from the breaker panel to the component.
Remember the old saying, its only as good as the weakest link.

I am using the Curious Tech Matrix power cords on my Bob Carver 350's tube amps.
I also just ordered a Hurricane for my power conditioner.
I couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s why I decided to get off the grid entirely. No more power cords, no more outlets, no more wall plates. As Bob Dylan says at the end of every album, good luck.
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Wywires on my Classe or Macintosh monos.  It does a lot and very little at the same time.  Brings a level of quiet and refinement but does not emphasize any frequency like so many others I have tried.
I've owned several Classe amps and always used Nordost PC's with them with excellent results.  I would look to the used market if you go with Nordost.  BTW.... I have 2 CPCC's Top Gun Specials that have been in a box in my garage for over 10 years....not sure what to do with them. 
Audio Note ISIS cable with Furutech FI-50 NCF connectors.  Tube electronics.
Problem solved. No, I didn't get another Purist Dominus, I almost accidentally got Purist Aquila Praesto Revision, not current Luminist Revision, power cord that was specifically designed for digital with superior shielding. No fluid or ferox or contego. So I put Dominus back on the amp and ran Aquila from the wall to the regenerator. It's 12 gauge cord. I don't know what Jim Aud, Purist designer, had in mind but this thing works great where it is now. I also tried the other way around - Dominus from the wall to the regenerator and Aquila on the amp. That was also better than what I had before but nowhere near the current arrangement. In this system the place of the Dominus is on the amp. I didn't even try Aquila on the phono and cd player, another Top Gun works well there, though Aquila might be better. I rarely use cd player so I just move power cord and interconnects, once every three/four months.
Very unexpected, this cords and cables experiments can be very rewarding.