What Power Cord can improve clarity and bass slam?

My price limit is around $1K new or used. The new pc would be plugged into a dedicated line(12-gauge Romex)using an Oyaide DX/WPC-Z wallplate. My amp is a Valve Audio Predator/Mullard CV-2493-Northstar Sapphire CDP and Focus Audio FS8 speakers. Cables are JPS Labs-Superconductor Q/Plus. I would be replacing an Opera Audio Ella Baby pc on the Predator. Want to improve clarity in complex passages, add bass slam/definition and create a more open/liquid presentation without giving up speed-resolution and neutrality which are my systems strengths. After many hours of research here is a list of power cords that could work.
Cable Research Labs-MK 2
DH Labs-Red Wave
JPS Labs-Kaptovator
Silver Circle Audio-Vesuvius
Stealth Audio-Cloude 99
VooDoo Cables-Black Diamond Dragon
Your comments regarding these power cords would be appreciated along with any other suggestions. Look forward to your responses!
Lloydelee21 I cut and pasted the info on the PAD 25th Ann speaker cable which uses the combo of metals silver and copper my mistake...sorry. I see from the web site that the PAD 25th power cord is only silver.
Hi Sksos1...I was wondering where you got that...thanks.

Jmcgrogan2...I hear you! the reason I even experimented with the PAD 25th Ann (pure silver) was because I tried a silver custom cable...and it illuminate my treble...but also lost upper mid and lower treble WEIGHT. I was petrified of what might happen with PAD 25th Ann...I bought demo 'blind' and am delighted to report it carries ALL the weight of the copper Dominus and Ann Contego/Canorus...but with the delineation, clarity of silver...I suppose the network box might have something to do with this? don't know...all I can confirm is I am very very happy I went with this after getting assurances from the dealer that this would be perfectly fine. He was right.
I want to make a correction, after checking the PAD website as a result of reading Sksos post I realized that my comment regarding the cables shipping from the guy's backyard was wrong. After checking the address on the web-site this clearly is not the case for PAD. BMI on the other hand is more questionable, as there is no business address just references to the company's popularity in Hong-Kong and Asia.

This doesn't change my overall disbelieve, why 10k on power cord to incremmentally improve the sound? 10k, can provide a great upgrade to pretty much any amp (or speaker or source). And if 10k is not enough to upgrade your amp because it is so high up the spectrum, then I ask why is it at the top of the spectrum, if its sound still needs to upgraded? I just don't get it?
Audio is Always about the perfect balance. Copper can work better in some sets. No question about it. But I still think silver is an essential part for the 'absolute'sound. Because it can set instruments and voices fully loose from eachother. It is also better in timing and gives a sharper individual focus.

Jim Aud is the most friendly and kind person I ever had contact with in audio. He also can discribe exactly what the cable wil do.
@ Nick_sr, Hi, Not all exspensive power cords are over priced, some of them, you get what you pay for, total performing bliss!, The P.A.D. limited edition here has garnished many user positive feedback all over audiogon, this one and the BMi oceanic, stage three concepts Kracken, Taralabs cobalt power cord has been said to be some of the few that is considered some of the best available with a few more I left out, however, there is some that is overpriced just like their is with anything else you may buy in audio.