what power cord can i use mark levinson no333?

hi evy body!can someone let me know what power cord can i use for the mark levinson No.333 power apm,or does evyone had the 333 what power cord u use'd thank you very much.
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When I owned this amp, I used Pure Note Alluvion and TG Audio power cords. Both were heavy enough for bass slam and no mid/high coloration.
The ML 333 power cord is captive. Are you asking about rewiring and replacing the captive cord?
Interesting. My amp had an IEC socket.
Only the 331 and 332 were sold with a 15amp IEC socket. The 333 was sold with a captive power cord due to its ability to be used on a 15amp, 20amp or 30amp circuit. For compatibility with existing household outlets, a standard three prong, 15 ampere plug is provided on the 333’s captive, high current AC mains cable. If you decide to use a dedicated, higher-current (30 ampere) line for your Nº 333, the only thing that needs to be changed is the AC plug itself.
No 333 has a non-detachable 7.5 mm2 captive power cord. Wire it into the wall with a 32-amp 230V  fuse and you’ll be fine.