What Power Conditioner to use with the Simaudio

I am wondering what power conditioner would best match the Simaudio Integrated Amplifier. Also, I am looking for the Power Cord.
Shunyata Triton with a Typhon and Sigma HC PC.

another product to consider is the Richard Gray Pro 400 or 600 model- it will be supplied w/ its own power cord (pc).

I have used mine for 12 years now- never an issue. Keep me posted & happy listening!
I recently sold my pc and had dedicated line,s installed.
Take a look at Furman Elite series, very good conditioners.
I would skip any in-line conditioner and use a dedicated outlet with a hospital grade outlet and a good power cord. Add a Nordost Qx4 quantum field generator.
Avoid the PC if you can
Use one only if you have a crummy power supply or wild swings e.g in an old house or apartment wiring creating a poor power supply feed that cannot be avoided.

As already highlighted before A separate dedicated power line is the preferred way to go .... Big time.

Many high-end amps with their heavy duty power supplies and discrete circuitry don't need a PC s/t the comment above.
They only perform at the their max by a direct plug-in to the after-market hi-end audiophile grade receptacles (hospital grade at a minimum ) in a dedicated line, and completely avoiding the additional filtering effect of a PC.

Check with your local bricks and mortar dealer .... This tip was given to me by mine, and he actually came over to the house to prove it to me in a A - B shootout comparison