What power conditioner to use with Bel Canto Amps?

I am wondering what power conditioner would best match the Bel Canto Reference 1000 amplifiers. Has anyone found what works best with this type of amplifier? Power cords?
I am just using a BPT power strip with mine- non-current limiting. Power cords are Custom Power Top Guns (high-current). I have also heard the DCCA Extreme Reference power cords being talked about as great for amps.
Jreerunn40, I don't have that amp but if you've got a shunyata dealer near by, I say try it. I think they allow amps to really focus on the entire frequency range and not emphasize certain frequency. IMO, I would invest in any other power than shunyata. They are well respected and if you ever decide to sell, they move quick on the gon and hold value very well. I'm using pro gaurdian 2's on my mono amps and vray on everything else.

Yeah, I am actually looking for power cords and a conditioner right now for my ref1000s. I talked to a bel canto dealer in seattle and he recommended the aural symphonics cappuccino power cords. I actually grabbed one for my DAC3 and have been impressed so far. However I would like to get some others recommendations for power cords. I also tried some jena labs basic cryo power cords and could tell little difference from the stock cables. So the search continues.

I am currently using the cardas golden reference powercord with good results. I currently have the power amps plugged into a panamax powerconditioner but have bought a audience AR6 with the intention of useing for my Ref 1000 monoblocks. I will post with my impressions of the change soon.
What are you're impressions of the audience AR6 plugged into your amps? I currently own bel canto ref 500 and was wondering if a power conditioner helps.
I would like to strike my last response in this thread. I have been lead down the dark tunnel and there was light at the end. I now use Running Springs Audio Conditioners and power cords. This is the only conditioner I've heard of and the HZ cord is the same way, it don't mess with the tone of your system. It just does what it is supposed to do, cleaner back grounds. Some power cords and conditioners idea of clean back grounds is to also mess with the tone and dynamics of a system. RSA strides to be totally neutral in this process of conditioning power. They improve dynamics rather than hurt it which before hasn't been my experience with power conditioning. I even now have my 600 watt mono amps on RSA and not direct to wall.