What power conditioner

One dealer raving about gigawatt. Ranging from 2500 to 12k. Any feedback on these and others. 
Same as any other component: ignore the story, buy the sound. 

I have owned quite a few PCs over the decades Im very happy with Core Power from Underwood HiFi
I would recommend a in-home audition of gigawatt. The overall buzz is positive but only by listening in your system would yield the ultimate test of it’s effectiveness and synergy. 

Whatever you do, please don’t fall for band-aid fixes on power correction that some of the posters here shamelessly promote :-)
I have always had a conditioner in my system as a means to protect the gear.  Some pretty nice ones in fact.  I always assumed I wasn’t doing any harm to the sound.  I had previously auditioned some units hoping to improve the sound but had found little benefit. 

However, when my local dealer asked me to audition an Audioquest Niagara 5000, he also warned me that every customer who auditioned it at home, ended up buying one.  I did too.  I don’t know precisely how it works, but the difference was plainly audible in the first couple of seconds.  I didn’t have to listen carefully and wonder if it was placebo.  Perhaps I have more noise coming through where I connect to the grid, so YMMV.  But, it’s a pretty remarkable improvement.
I’m sure there are other conditioners that are also very effective.  Perhaps the gigawatt is as well.  My suggestion is to audition those you’re interested in. The better ones will make themselves obvious pretty quickly.  If you don’t hear an improvement easily enough, move on until you do.  Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Interesting about the AQ. You mentioned that you may have more noise through your grid. Do you live in an area with older electrical services, house wiring, etc. Just curious. 
to my knowledge, i don’t  have more noise than others. I had also upgraded the wiring in my house. I do have a couple of refrigerators but none were on the circuit i use.  


Attempt an in-home trial run not only for the Gigawatt, but every line/power conditioner considered. Have fun!

Happy Listening!
I'm also just curious as I'm deciding wether or not I should buy / audition such a thing. I don't really believe it can make such a night and day difference, that's the thing. So what is it exactly that you're supposed to "hear" (or better, don't hear) with such a product? Is your current multi-thousand dollar setup really that noisey if you run it through a regular power strip? Mine is rather clean already, although I know somehow that my power isn't all that clean (lots and lots of wall warts in the house).
I have had many the VIBEX GRANADA PLATINUM is by far the best very quiet,dynamic with a deep wide sound stage.
I have two Isotek power conditioners in my system.  I like the results a lot--a little bit more openness and more natural imaging (instruments seem to be floating more freely in space).  I did not hear a change that was specifically related to "noise."

I heard a demonstration of Isotek at a local dealership.  The dealer had a dedicated power panel and dedicated runs off of the power panel into each room.  Even with this sort of specialized room power treatment, it was fairly easy to hear a difference with the Isotek in and out of the system.  The demonstration also utilized a noise meter that has numerical values as well as a speaker that plays an amplified version of the noise on the power line (typically hiss, sputtering sounds, and music from a radio broadcast).  The Isotek power strip was the most impressive item because it made a big change in the meter reading of noise and improved the sound quite a bit for the relatively low cost of around $500.  The models higher up the range did more, but at a much steeper price.  The two conditioners I bought were on the more expensive side of the company's lineup.