what power conditioner?

I would like to know what type of power conditioner do you guys recomend for a hometheater?What I have in mind to achive a better video quality and a better or sweeter sound, like more detail.also I would like to power my amp and surge protect my whole system.My system is the following.marting logan ascent front,theater center,aeon surrounds.B&k reference 7270 amp 200x7,reference 50 processor.mitsubishi hi-def tv.onkyo dvd player dv 939.monster cable M1000i rca interconect.

Equitech ET1.5Q , ET2Q, or higher depending on your total power needs. Very good for video quality as well as audio, provides balanced power and surge protection. Also designed to handle many components comfortably.
Depending on your budget, you might even consider one of their wall cabinet units to generate balanced power for the whole room.
I agree with Flex, check out the Equi-Tech line, excellent product!
Custom Power Cords Power Blocks and power cords. Two time winnner of T.A.S. Golden Ear awards, and rightly so! David Blair has introduced some new and upgraded products this year. Truly a "mad genious" of the power cord/line conditioner field!
Don't like conditioners, but put my vote on equi-tech. It is balanced power and not reallly a conditioner. There are differences between the equi-tech stand alone units and their wall units. You should call the company and visit them web site to explore these differences.
Punch Audio Magic Stealth into google.

Made me drool but can't afford it.
Richard Grey 1200s, It made my stereo sound much better!
Go for it
What about exact power stuff?
I didn't like the low wattage, high price, and heavy heat of a powerplant, so I looked for an alternative. I bought a used Richard Gray Power Company 300 for $550. The music seemed to come alive. It had extra energy. It also worked wonders with my son's Pioneer receiver based system. Then I bought a second one, and the improvement was noticable, but not as great as with the first RGPC. I'm very pleased.

Be aware that I do not think the RPGC works well with equipment that has a very well regulated power supply. Some people have not found any improvement. It appears that those who have not found improvement have very highend equipment. In fact, that occurred with a Stereophile review, which could not find the RGPC to work with his system.

You really should try it first.
The power conditioners mostly regulate your voltage to maintain 120V, but what about clipping issues.
Anyone have recommendations on a unit that also fixes the voltage clipping without regenerating it like the PS Audio power plants?
I agree with Fatparrot. Custom Power Cord Company Top gun power block. I dosent do all the crap that other power conditioners do, it just provides CLEAN power, with an awesome power cord already built-in. TAS golden ear winner.