What Power Cable for Furman IT Reference 15i?

I am looking for a PC for my Furman. It is only being used on my two channel system. I really don't want to spend more for a cable than the conditioner and will probably being buying a used one. Also the run will need to be about 8 feet. Any recommendations from Furman users out there that are good values and won't break the bank? Thanks.
I am using an electraglide Synapsis 2 on my Furman. Prior to the Synapsis, I was using a Cardas Golden reference, but I did not like what was happening. The sound seemed veiled and lacked dynamics. I think the Cardas has some filtration which may explain the poor performance.
I use a PS Audio Statement SC on my Furman IT Ref 15.
concierto is often too costly, but a good value used. their cables are solid enough to feed your furman.
I am using an older FIM/CRL Gold on my Furman IT Referernce 20. They are somewhat hard to find and super stiff to maneuver but well worth the effort IMO.