What power cable for DAC?

I've had my PS Audio Digital Link III for a couple weeks now. The first week I ran it off the factory power cord and it sounded quite good. I figured it could benefit from a better pc so I got a Pangea AC-14 from Audio Advisor. Now I know this isn't the greatest pc on the market, but for the price I thought I couldn't go wrong. It has made my system a lot brighter and subdued the low notes significantly. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better pc for this dac?? If it makes any difference, my Arcam integrated amp is running off a PS Audio Prelude SC pc.
PC's are a trial and error item. I have tested a lot of them and between a friend of mine and myself I have come to a conclusion. What worked in his system usualy didn't work in mine. But one that did work in both systems, and I'm currently useing is the MAC HC SoundPipes. They are very affordable and I've been very pleased with mine. I run them on my CD player and my amp.
Hope this helps. John
agree with the Zman.
The Acoustic Zen El Nino is a good cord for digital sources at a reasonable price.
I have relied on an Audioquest NRG 3 PC ($180) on my front ends for the last 3 years. It replaced a Transparent Reference MM and many other demo cords. The NRG 3 wt ferrite magnets loves digital components. I don't like it on anything else, but on my CD players it unleashes music like no other!
Dave just curious, have you tried the NRG-3 on other non digital pieces of equipment with the ferrite magnets taken off? You might find the power cord sounds better.
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I have used the NRG3 both with and without the ferrite magnets on amps and preamps. Although the sound was dynamic, clear and tonaly accurate, my MIT AC2 power cord simply elevates whatever amp/preamp I've used it on to a wole other realm of musicality"O) Enjoy!
I'm going to try the NRG-4 in see what happens...
The most obvious choice would seem to be something from PS Audio. I like their power cords. They may not always be the best in every circumstance, but they never suck, and same-brand synergy is an attractive possibility. Many online PS Audio dealers offer a 30-day return period, so you could burn it in, try it out, and return it if it's a bad match.

I recently switched to all Zu cable in my 2-channel system--ICs, speaker cables, and power cords. The focus and synergy are beyond anything I had with mixed brands of cables. I'm not necessarily pushing for Zu; in fact, since you have a PS Audio DAC and are already using a PS Audio PC on your integrated, a PS Audio power cord for the DAC is the first logical place to look.
There is no obvious choice. Since power cords, speaker wires, and interconnect cables are simply a tone control, (there is no such thing as a straight wire with gain), the only way to truly determine what works in an individual system is to try it. There is no right answer.
04-11-11: Hifigeek1
There is no obvious choice.
Yes there is, as a starting point, with a 30-day eval period.
i agree Johnnyb. do some research on the AC series pc's and you'll see alot of positive comments. many are from folks with ps audio gear in their systems (like me). currently have a pwt/pwd w/bridge streaming from my pc. have 2 ac-5's, 2 ac-10's and one ac-3 powering the set-up. am very happy with there performance all around, including non ps audio gear. if the mfg of your equiptment offer's power cords as well...they would be my obvious starting point in the journy.

that being said....don't want to pretend i compared them to a bunch of other pc's. have only tried three different pc's total. the ac-5's and ac-10's sounded best to my ears every time. try a couple more just to confirm. use companies with good return policy's or buy/sell used like i did. it won't cost much and you'll end up with what *you* like best.

I would have to agree with the Audioquest NRG 3 recommendation. I'm sure there are other cables that would fit your needs, but I know first hand that the NRG 3 works well with the DL III. It is even touted as being designed for digital components. I have one on my PS3 as well.

I cannot say that I did a comparison of cables before and after, but I do not have a need to upgrade and that to me is the main goal. I don't know about you, but trial and error followed by trial and error gets old.

Ps Audio makes decent cables as well, but IMO their lower level stuff is just mainly built to be better than stock. Maybe just mark-up items? Otherwise, why not include some with their electronic products instead of recommending the purchase of them in their product's literature. Just doesn't seem right. I'm not bashing PS Audio. I have the DL III, the Juice Bar II, and an Ultimate Outlet which are all great products. I am just not a fan of their cable side.

Music Direct was at one time closing out the NRG 3's at substantial discounts. That's where I got both of mine.
If you like diy, you can put together your own pc. I have a W4S Dac2 and after reading alot on the merits of single crystal upocc copper, I tried some solutions from Neotech. I ended up getting a 4 ft NEP-3003 (13 awg) Cryo treated upocc and terminated myself with Furutech FI-25 rhodium plugs. I didnt expect a whole lot, but this had a huge effect. As if I changed a component. Even with no burning, it is extremely transparent and the soundstage extended few meters more behind the speakerline. In my system it offered much more air around the instruments and resolution, while being smooth. It wasnt exactly cheap (plugs cost more than the conductor itself) but I think it is a great fit on my system. Also I was initially very very sceptical about shielding. The neotech is a shielded cable. Before I tried the NEP-3003, I tried a 12 awg teflon insulated solid core Upocc hookup braided (very tough to braid..!) and liked it very much. Very open and airy, but couldnt stand that it had the flexibility (and lack of damping) of a concrete steel rebar!. Hence, I tried the cryo'd nep-3003 and have been very impressed and satisfied. My other pcs are a MAC-HC in my amp, a Neotech NEP-3002 on my av-pre and Supra Lorad 3x2.5.

Good luck,
I also agree with ZMan on the MAC HC Sound Pipe Power cord recommendation. I noticed a big improvement in sound when I had it on an Emotiva ERC-1 CD Player and then on a Sony PS3.
I'm using a Signal Cable MagicPower Digital with my DLIII. It added clarity to the vocals and the bass got fuller but articulate at the same time.
I just received some Power Chords from Audience, there most excellent.
I followed Daniel Weiss's advice regarding power cords for the DAC1 MK2 and the ADC2 I bought from him. He said use whatever you want, it won't make any difference. But what does he know.
Duaneadam, there are units that don't gain or lose much at all from upgraded paower cords. My old Cambridge IsoMagic was a case in point. Nice if it happens to you.

Other units do show a clear improvement, in soundstage and instrument separation usually, and often clarity in the highs. (Sometimes we even get what we all want, i.e. more bass, drool.) I can cite my Stellavox ST-2, my Esoteric P-10, my JAS Audio Musik 1.2 and all my Shanling players here.

Whether or not a unit does benefit from a power cord may depend on the design and quality of its power supply. I'm certainly prepared to believe that Daniel Weiss knows how to build one of those.
In all fairness, his e-mails regarding this were a few years ago and it's possible he has a different position now. I'm trying to keep an open mind about this issue until I've done my own tests which why I'm hosting a shootout-see my post.
Well Duaneadam, as a Weiss DAC2 owner I am certainly interested in your findings...
Listeners with Tranquility DACs should (imho) take a good listen to their DAC with a Ridge Street Audio EssenTra dBA power cord.

You can find it on the RSA site under the pricing list.

I am very surprised at the incredible musicality it brings, as well as its speed and tightness which it brings to an already remarkably musical DAC.

Just my experience... anyone else out there try this PC?

:) listening,