What power cable better for a cd player

I am currently using audience powerchord for all my components including my cd player

Is there power cable that are considered especially good with cd players?

I am using a playback design cd player which is somewhat similar to the emm labs cd player

I am sure there are many cords that will do well with your cd player..I have had exceptional luck with the Virtual Dynamics "Nite" power cord..There is always System Synergy
involved with any piece of gear so keep that in mind..Thats said , the Nite cord works wonders for me........( Meridian 508/24 cd player )
I found the VD P/C's to be "aggressive" for my system(taste) so I tried Purist. I'm getting all the benefits, bigger sound stage and more dynamics without the forwardness. These two are good representative of two different philosophies in sound.
If you don't already have a power conditioner on your digital CD player then I would highly recommend getting one. Digital especially seems to benefit from conditioning and isolation from the other components in the system.

Kaplan Cables (www/tweekgeek.com) offers some nice and highly regarded conditioners built into a very fine power cord for not a whole lot of money.

IMO van den Hul Mainsserver is an excellent PC specifically designed for digital. I vividly remember the day I put it in my system, and I've tried many other cords on digital since and stuck with the vdH.

As previously mentioned, all depends on the synergy of the rest of your system and with your room, musical preference, etc.
I agree with Thorman about the quality of the VD Nite cable. That's what feeds my Exemplar and it's the best of many I've owned.

However, the Audience is no slouch my friend. Don't let cable envy ruin your music :)